Our Time at the Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival is an annual celebration of the international film community which allows the general public to experience the power of film. The program is inclusive of independent films, documentaries, narrative features, and shorts as well as panel discussions featuring well-known industry figures. Alex and I recently completed our time at the 15th […]

New Feature: Playlists!

This past week, we introduced playlists to ClassHook. There is a similar feature on video hosting sites such as YouTube, so you will already be familiar with using them on ClassHook. You can get started on building your playlists right away. Why use playlists on ClassHook? Playlists allow you to group together clips for easy access […]

Featured Teacher #3 – Kate LeFebvre

Featured Teacher #3 Featured Teachers is an initiative by ClassHook to recognize the amazing work that teachers do every day. Each Featured Teacher post will focus on the work of one particular teacher and how that teacher engages and inspires his or her students using popular media. This week’s Featured Teacher is…Kate LeFebvre! About Kate […]

Great YouTube Channels for Educational Videos

YouTube has millions and millions of videos. Anything you can imagine likely has a video somewhere on YouTube. And yet, it can sometimes be difficult to find quality content because of the sheer number of videos on the platform. We’ve compiled a list of YouTube channels containing high-quality educational content that will be sure to […]

Fun Ways to Build Content Retention

We know it can sometimes be challenging to find strategies to help your students remember information, so we’ve done some research and compiled the infographic below for you. Feel free to share it!     Sources: about health: 11 Great Ways to Improve Your Memory Scholastic: Engaging Learners in Your Classroom Edutopia: How to Keep […]