Four Motivational Moments from History, as Told by ClassHook Clips

Are you trying to accomplish something big? Whether your dream is to change the world or run a few miles, motivation can sometimes be hard to come by. When the going get tough, why not look to some legendary moments in history for inspiration? Here are four clips that will take you to the next level of motivation. And you’re sure to learn a little something along the way!

Gandhi Stands Firm — The Father of a Nation

Mahatma Gandhi is a man who needs no introduction. Gandhi almost single-handedly introduced the ideas of nonviolence and peaceful protest to the world, a change that had significant positive impact in India and around the world. Watch as Gandhi defends these ideas amidst criticism from his peers.

Princess Ka’iulani’s Speech — Princess Ka’iulani

This clip portrays an often overlooked moment in 19th century history—the American colonization of Hawaii and the corresponding fallout. Despite persecution and ridicule, the Princess maintains poise and intelligence as she delivers a persuasive, impassioned speech in favor of Hawaiian independence. We could all learn a thing or two from her!

Beach Battle Scene — Troy

While this movie is not known for its historical accuracy, it has no shortage of epic moments. If you have a big obstacle in mind that will need some serious motivation to tackle, look no further than this clip. Behold the siege of Troy!

Houston, We Have a Problem — Apollo 13

What do you get when you mix the true story of a space mission gone wrong with America’s sweetheart, Tom Hanks? An engaging clip that is sure to get anyone interested in space travel! Watch as the astronauts of the Apollo 13 mission wrestle with the task of fixing their ship as disaster strikes, and don’t forget to take notes on how they remain composed under pressure.

Popular media has inspired me to be a better person for as long as I’ve been tuning in. By providing glimpses into the battles that other people wage, movies allow us to learn more about struggles we would not have known about. If others can succeed in the most trying of circumstances, what’s stopping us?

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