Happy Mother’s Day!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! While this special day is often flooded with heartfelt sentiments regarding traditional biological and female mothers, this does not mean that these are the only moms of the world. Globally, mothers are observed to be warm, loving, nurturing, and strong characters—who you see as a “mother” to you is your decision.

With the rise of media as a driving influence towards our interpretation of the world, we’ve been introduced to the commonality of non-traditional family structures or mother figures. It is increasingly common for households and families to be raised by one parent, and with this they willfully take on both roles as a Dad and Mom. In other cases, we recognize mothers of adopted children, pet mothers, mothers who have lost their child, single mothers, mother figures in a school or workplace—the list goes on. No matter the situation, a mothering role is no easy hill to climb, and they should not be exempt from this gracious holiday! Whether it’s an older sibling, family member, teacher, your biological mother, etc., it’s important we celebrate and express our thankfulness for their unconditional love and support. On behalf of ClassHook we want to take the time to recognize and celebrate the beauty mothers bring to the world!

History of the Holiday

To provide some history, the origin for this national holiday traces back to celebrations of motherhood by ancient Greeks and Romans. Mother goddesses Cybele and Rhea were celebrated in these festivals, later being recognized as “Mothering Sunday” in early Christianity. Exploring the holiday’s Christian roots, this holiday took place on the fourth Sunday in Lent being understood as those would return to their “mother church”—mom.

With it’s now secular interpretation and practice, the modern approach to this holiday began in the 1900s as a form of honoring the large and constant sacrifices mothers make for their children. This sentiment behind Mother’s Day still stands in modern times, as this day is often spent giving our mother’s a break from all their hard work and celebrating them!

These mothering attitudes of selflessness remain present in film and in nature, as demonstrated in Finding Nemo. Below is a clip from ClassHook’s library showing Coral, Marlin’s wife, sacrificing her life to protect their eggs from nearby predator. The last remaining egg turned out to be Nemo. Coral is seen risking her life to ensure the safety of their children. Following this, we see a common situation mentioned prior as Marlin commits himself to taking on both Dad and Mom roles to parent Nemo throughout the film.

How can you celebrate Mother’s Day?

With Mother’s Day approaching, here are some ways you can celebrate and show gratitude to the Mom in your life:

  • Be “Mom” for the day. Take on their daily duties and let them be relaxed from their constant commitments. This shows you recognize their ongoing efforts and persistent work ethic!
  • Treat them to breakfast-in-bed—a classic. Start the day with a hearty breakfast and loving company. Let them know they’re taking the day off!
  • Take them to do their favorite activity. An often overlooked sentiment is the simple act of taking interest in them and remembering their experience of the world. Think back to a time where your Mother appears to be their happiest, and spend the day or book an event for them to enjoy this activity! 
  • Make a card, or DIY craft. The little things do matter—handmade gifts with an authentic heartfelt message is something unique to receive and keep. Taking time out of a busy schedule to craft something special is a great way to show appreciation!
  • Let them sit back and relax, enjoy a movie night with the people they hold closest to their heart. For this special holiday we recommend 20th Century Women, the story of a single mother Dorothea Fields and two younger women she enlists to help raise her son Jamie. Set in the 1970’s, this film explores themes of love, freedom, identity, and relationships!

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