Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! With the COVID-19 pandemic changing every aspect of our lives, we’ve been forced to adapt and overcome these unique challenges. One of the most pressing issues faced is the rapid redesigning of the educational experience. And while nobody was prepared for the extent of new measures necessary to continue schooling, one thing did not change: teachers’ unwavering passion for education and commitment to their students. With the inability to meet in-person for class, teachers have continued working tirelessly to keep student achievement levels high! On behalf of ClassHook, we express our gratitude and everlasting respect for all the hardworking, innovative, and passionate teachers across the country. We admire and recognize the dedication to overcoming these steep challenges you have faced while remaining charismatic! Let’s take some time to recognize the challenges our teachers tackle head-on and show our thankfulness to them.

Challenges Teachers Face

In a survey conducted by Edsource, teachers reflect upon their experience as an educator during the pandemic. To recount some of the challenges they have faced and bounced back from with distance-learning, the survey reports:

  • Teachers and their district facing foundational and rapid changes head-on, working tirelessly to seamlessly transition to distance-learning
  • Teachers are surpassing boundaries, working persistently and longer than ever before, averaging 8 more working hours each week
  • Teachers are resourceful, adapting and remodeling their teaching style to meet the district’s fast-paced changes
  • Teachers have both individually and collectively innovated and developed new curricula and pedagogies in mere weeks
  • Teachers have overcome steep learning curves stopping at no obstacle to keep their students passionate, engaged, and successful
  • Each teacher has been a miracle-worker in this period of distraught and confusion, exceeding all expectations and inspiring their communities

How Can You Say “Thank You” To Your Teachers?

Given these daunting issues our teachers have tirelessly taken on, it’s important we express to them our thanks. Listed below are some ways you can do so.

  • Write a letter, e-card, or send an email to your teachers sharing your thanks and appreciation for their hard work
  • Send a video expressing what you’ve learned in the year and why you’re thankful
  • Give teachers a shout-out on the school’s social media platform! Your message can express something you admire about them and/or ways they’ve helped you
  • Start a dialogue through discussing topics of why we need teachers, how do they help us, and issues that make their job difficult. Simply showing recognition conveys that you care

Text “CELEBRATE” to 48744 to participate in this week of appreciation!

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