Feature Updates

Below, you’ll find listed the history of updates to ClassHook.

Now you can upload your own clips to ClassHook!

Perhaps you’ve created a funny video and want to show it to your students but don’t want it public on YouTube. Or maybe you’ve found an amazing clip that you can’t find anywhere else and need somewhere to upload it for easy access. Starting today, all ClassHook educators can upload their own videos directly onto […]

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We’ve Removed Bookmarks

Today, we removed bookmarks from ClassHook in favor of playlists. We’ve had both ways of organizing clips available to educators for a long time. However, we found that there were a lot of overlapping features, and it was creating confusion. So we decided to remove bookmarks to make your experience on ClassHook better. In terms […]

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A New Discussions Experience on ClassHook

Related Guide: How to Create Live Discussions on ClassHook When students have the opportunity to analyze media and participate in discussion around a topic, they learn more effectively. At ClassHook, we’ve been hard at work creating a better way for you to conduct discussions with your students. We read over your feedback, and after 15,000 […]

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Encourage Inquiry with Student Questions

When showing videos in your classroom, it can be difficult to gauge student understanding. You may pause the video to ask clarifying questions, or you might ask students to complete an activity after watching the video. However, these methods don’t always reach all of your learners since the most active participants will respond to your […]

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Introducing Live Discussions on ClassHook

Involve your entire class in the discussion. At ClassHook, we help educators find and effectively use videos in their lessons to boost student engagement and retention. Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now create more active, discussion-based learning experiences for your students on ClassHook. Introducing Live Discussions! Live Discussions are a simple and […]

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Use In-Video Search to Search Within Videos on ClassHook

At ClassHook, we help educators find the perfect video clip for their lessons so they can make learning more fun and engaging for their students. While we classify all of our videos by subject area and grade level, and offer robust search filters, sometimes educators are searching for videos a little differently. Consider Shawna, for […]

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Introducing a New and Improved ClassHook

Since the early days of ClassHook, we’ve been attentive to the educator experience. Our goal was to create a product that was intuitive, easy-to-use, fast, and most importantly, solved the problem of finding highly relevant educational content that engages students. Over the past few months, we’ve reassessed our product and noted that our fundamental design […]

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Enhance Your Personal Clips with Pause Prompts

Last month, ClassHook released Personal Clips to help educators organize and manage videos they find all over the web. While educators have enjoyed the streamlined video management experience, we received feedback that indicated their interest in adding Pause Prompts to their own videos. Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now add Pause Prompts […]

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Use ClassHook to manage your favorite videos

Educators often source their videos from a variety of websites and services, and it can be challenging to keep track of the videos they’ve found. ClassHook wants to streamline the process of organizing videos so that teachers can focus on helping their students extract the most learning from them. In a recent poll, 74% of […]

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Introducing Pause Prompts

Educators face many challenges when showing videos in their classrooms. Students don’t always pay attention, and not all of your students will fully understand the content of the video. As a result, many teachers pause the video at key moments to check for student understanding and address misconceptions before playing the rest of the video. […]

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