We’ve Removed Bookmarks

Today, we removed bookmarks from ClassHook in favor of playlists. We’ve had both ways of organizing clips available to educators for a long time. However, we found that there were a lot of overlapping features, and it was creating confusion. So we decided to remove bookmarks to make your experience on ClassHook better.

In terms of functionality, there isn’t a compelling reason to use a bookmark over a playlist. You can organize Playlists by class, subject area, and more — but you can’t organize bookmarks. Our intention with bookmarks was to give educators a shortcut to find clips that they’ve seen before and wanted to use in their classrooms. We’ve learned that playlists have filled that gap. And with the revamped playlists experience coming soon, they will have even more utility. Given all of this, it made sense to remove bookmarks.

Don’t worry: We’ve migrated your bookmarks to a playlist

While we’ve removed bookmarks, we don’t want educators who’ve added bookmarks to redo their work again. So we’ve migrated all of your bookmarks to a playlist named “Bookmarks [Migrated]” so you can easily identify it. Head over to your Playlists to find it. If you don’t see it, it’s because you didn’t have any bookmarks.

If you have any questions or problems, please get in touch.

It’s never an easy decision to remove a feature. Our team has put a lot of thought into this decision, and based on feedback from educators and usage statistics, we are confident it was the right one.

Happy clip finding!

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