Use In-Video Search to Search Within Videos on ClassHook

A clip from The Big Bang Theory found by searching for “comedy”

At ClassHook, we help educators find the perfect video clip for their lessons so they can make learning more fun and engaging for their students. While we classify all of our videos by subject area and grade level, and offer robust search filters, sometimes educators are searching for videos a little differently.

Consider Shawna, for example. She works with a self-contained class in Arizona and finds that using short video clips is a great way to engage students and promote decision-making skills. The class is following a Pixar movie theme, and she is looking for video clips that align with the Cars theme. So, she would like to find clips that have cars in them. With the way video clips are categorized on ClassHook, Shawna would need to browse our library to effectively find the clips she wants. This takes quite some time and is not the experience we want for her.

Our team saw this as an opportunity to better support Shawna and other educators who are searching for clips based on themes, concepts, and ideas that are not necessarily academic in nature. Today, we’re excited to share the results of our efforts with you.

Introducing In-Video Search! In-Video Search takes the clip finding experience to the next level by using the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to search within videos. With In-Video Search, ClassHook now understands the contents of its video clips, so if you want to find a video containing a shoe, you can do that. Want to find clips containing dessert? Just search for “dessert.” It’s that simple.

In-Video Search can save you time if you’re looking for clips…

  • …taking place in specific settings (classroom, supermarket, restaurant)
  • …containing certain attire (formal wear, dresses)
  • …conveying certain emotions (happiness)
  • …containing specific objects or situations (blackboard, presentation, social group)

These are just a few of the many use cases in which In-Video Search can support your instruction. In-Video Search is available immediately for all ClassHook Premium educators. And it’s incredibly simple to use: just enter your search term, and toggle the In-Video Search filter.

We’re thrilled to hear how you use In-Video Search to make your lessons more exciting, relevant, and engaging for your students. Start your search for the perfect clip today by visiting us at ClassHook.

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