Now you can upload your own clips to ClassHook!

Perhaps you’ve created a funny video and want to show it to your students but don’t want it public on YouTube. Or maybe you’ve found an amazing clip that you can’t find anywhere else and need somewhere to upload it for easy access.

A form to add a Personal Clip on ClassHook.

Starting today, all ClassHook educators can upload their own videos directly onto ClassHook’s safe and secure platform. As an added bonus, you can get more engagement from your students by adding Pause Prompts, conducting Live Discussions, and more with the clips that you upload.

Head over to Personal Clips to get started today, and check out our walkthrough on Personal Clips if you need a hand.

Basic ClassHook educators can upload up to 3 clips, while Premium members can upload an unlimited number of clips. Note that this limit applies only to clips uploaded directly to ClassHook; you can add an unlimited number of Personal Clips from online sources such as YouTube.

Happy Clip Finding!

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