Introducing Live Discussions on ClassHook

Involve your entire class in the discussion.

At ClassHook, we help educators find and effectively use videos in their lessons to boost student engagement and retention. Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now create more active, discussion-based learning experiences for your students on ClassHook.

Introducing Live Discussions! Live Discussions are a simple and easy way to facilitate a class discussion that involves all of your students, not just the most active participants. Discussions amplify student voice and are an effective way to measure student understanding. ClassHook’s Live Discussions include reporting so you can assess students across different classes and subjects.

Live Discussions are an extension of Pause Prompts. Here’s how they work:

  1. Create Pause Prompts on the clip you plan to show to your class.
  2. Generate a link, and share it with your students.
  3. Once your students are ready for the discussion, play the video.
  4. When your prompts appear during the video, your students can respond on their devices.

Live Discussions are available starting today. They can be used from any laptop or mobile device and do not require your students to have a ClassHook account!

Live Discussions can be used on any ClassHook clip and any of your Personal Clips hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion!

Who can use Live Discussions?

Live Discussions are free to use for all ClassHook users and students. Since Live Discussions are an extension of Pause Prompts, you will need to upgrade to ClassHook Premium if you’d like to create unlimited prompts.

Starting a Live Discussion

Check out our how-to video below on setting up a Live Discussion.

We’re excited to learn how you use Live Discussions to facilitate engaging discussions and amplify student voice. You can start using Live Discussions today by visiting us at ClassHook.

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