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Educators often source their videos from a variety of websites and services, and it can be challenging to keep track of the videos they’ve found. ClassHook wants to streamline the process of organizing videos so that teachers can focus on helping their students extract the most learning from them.

In a recent poll, 74% of educators expressed interest in saving and managing all of their videos on ClassHook. Our team saw this as an opportunity to better support educators in their video use.

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can manage all of your videos, wherever they may be on the internet, on ClassHook! We’re calling this feature, Personal Clips.

What are Personal Clips?

Personal Clips are videos found from anywhere on the internet that you can manage directly on ClassHook. You can add clips individually or import an entire playlist from YouTube.

Personal Clips can be either private or public. You can share public Personal Clips with your students or anyone else, and they won’t need a ClassHook account to view them. Personal Clips that are private can be viewed only by you.

Why should I use Personal Clips?

Personal Clips simplify the way in which you manage the videos you’ve saved for your lessons. Instead of visiting different websites to show videos to your class, you can save and watch videos from multiple sources in a single place alongside your favorite ClassHook clips.

Soon, you’ll be able to enhance your Personal Clips with Pause Prompts to transform them into instructional tools.

How do I add a Personal Clip?

Adding a Personal Clip is easy. Visit your ClassHook profile, and look for the Personal Clips section under Pause Prompts. Then click on Manage Personal Clips.

Manage Personal Clips button on your ClassHook profile.

On the next page, you can click Add Clip to add a single clip or Import YouTube Playlist if you’re a ClassHook Premium member.

Who can use Personal Clips?

Personal Clips are available to all ClassHook educators starting today. Educators using ClassHook Standard can create up to five personal clips, and those with a ClassHook Premium membership can manage unlimited personal clips and import playlists from YouTube.

Looking Forward

We have some exciting features planned for Personal Clips to better support your instruction. Stay tuned for more details.

Visit us at ClassHook to get started with Personal Clips today.

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