Teaching ELA With Friends

Studying English and Language Arts starts in books, but seeing examples of grammatical concepts or rhetorical strategies in action is a great way to take learning off the page. We all know and love the show Friends. This New York City-based friend group is best known for their quirky antics, but they also have a lot of lessons in ELA. Read on to check out ClassHook’s top Friends clips for teaching ELA.

1. Who vs. Whom

Know-it-all Ross tackles the classic question: when to use “who” and when to use “whom.” This compilation of Ross correcting his friends is both hilarious and informative


2. The “Right” Way to use Quotation Marks

It’s no secret that Joey is a little clueless at times. He doesn’t know basic geography, how to spell simple words or, apparently, how to use quotation marks correctly in a sentence. Joey might not know how to use quotation marks, but after watching this video, your students will! 

3. Joey Learns How to Use a Thesaurus

A thesaurus is a useful tool to spice up your vocabulary, but if you take it too far, your writing ends up sounding a little ridiculous— or in this case, like Joey Tribbiani. You can use this clip to show students the right way to use a thesaurus without going too far. 

4. Argument Strategies

When a horrified Ross discovers that Phoebe doesn’t believe in evolution, they enter into a debate that spans the entire episode. Both Ross and Phoebe use an interesting variety of argumentative strategies to persuade the other. This clip is perfect for discussing persuasive writing skills and how to develop an argument. 


5. Ross Uses Hyperbole

Teach your students how to use hyperbole to make a point with this funny clip. When Rachel panics about the safety of her baby, Ross is there to “calm” her down with an incredibly hyperbolic story. In the end, Ross doesn’t make Rachel feel any better, but your students will walk away with knowledge of one more rhetorical strategy under their belts.

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