How ClassHook Benefits Educators

What is ClassHook?

ClassHook benefits educators as the ideal place where K-12 educators find videos and clips from television shows and films to incorporate into any lesson plan. Believe it or not, a wealth of knowledge can be found in television and film.

Why Education Professionals Use ClassHook

Star shaped award branded with the AASL emblem of the American Association of School Librarians.

Voted the Best Website for Teaching and Learning by the American Association of School Librarians in 2017. In addition, data collected from educators already using ClassHook report a 66% average increase in student engagement.

5 Benefits ClassHook Offers Educators and their Students

  • Saves K-12 Educators Time in Lesson Planning

ClassHook saves educators hours each week searching for engaging content. Our team curates thousands of video clips possessing educational merit and crafts them to be suitable for classroom use.

“I have this site! I am a huge media consumer, so I’ve always wanted a site to incorporate media clips into my lessons. As a busy classroom teacher, I just never had the time needed to look for clips, but thanks to this site, I am now able to. GREAT JOB! I have shown this to my grade level, and they are starting to use it too!”

Ronda, Elementary School, Florida
  • Promotes Progressive and Adaptive Teaching Methodologies

Since the 2000s, students have been growing alongside technology and media, unknown of a world without smartphones, tablets, or access to wireless internet. Teaching methodology has had to change and adapt new ways to engage and instruct students as a result.

“I totally want to be part of your team!! I love your website! It’s such an AMAZING resource for teachers! I was sharing it with several of my colleagues here at my school, and they were ALL ABOUT IT!! Really, teaching in today’s society almost DEMANDS some interface with digital media! For several years I have been working on finding various clips (3-6 minutes) to start my class lessons (I teach high school geometry and algebra I). They are great hooks and really DO enhance student learning and student attention! I am a 24 year veteran of education and know what works, and THIS DOES!! It’s very exciting! I have a small library of clips that I use–not all are from TV shows or movies as your website is, but they are amazingly helpful in aiding me to do the best job I can!”

Patti, High School Math, Florida
  • Flexible and Customizable Platform

All videos in our library feature standards and discussion questions. Each appropriately vetted by education professionals and our dedicated team ensures accuracy, relevance, and suitability for the classroom. In addition, educators can edit and create their own prompts to better align with their unique teaching styles.

“ClassHook is a fantastic resource for teachers. As a Language Arts teacher, I use ClassHook to spice up a lesson, reinforce a concept, or provide a valuable 5-minute lesson at the end of class if I’ve mistimed the lesson plan.”

Jess, High School ELA, Massachusetts
  • Students Better Retain, Understand and Engage in Lessons

Students better recognize lessons and concepts taught in the classroom in the media they regularly watch. Using television shows and films as references reinforces lessons, dramatically increasing student engagement, understanding, and retaining essential concepts.

“I have found that using video clips as hooks is an invaluable part of my toolbox of anticipatory sets. For example, I was able to use a clip from Fight Club to help students understand and engage with the portrayal of the September massacres in A Tale of Two Cities. This was easily the highest engagement day of the whole unit!”

Justin, High School ELA, Pennsylvania
  • Covers a Wide Range of Topics

With thousands of scenes from these mediums, explore various topics, including Natural Sciences, Math, Economics, Psychology, Music, and so much more! All one needs to know is a keyword or subject, and a user will efficiently and quickly find the ideal clip to accompany their next lesson.

“ClassHook is MORE than great! It is an easy tool that can be used in any lesson to “hook” our students and gain their interest. It uses clips from movies and videos that are directly related to any subject area. It helps to jumpstart class discussions!! With it being so easy to use, you can plug in a quick clip ANYWHERE! No Hassle!! If you haven’t gotten “hooked” up with ClassHook…you are definitely missing out!!!”

Tiffany, High School Honors Biology, Alabama

How ClassHook Users have Benefit

I used this (The Abbott and Costello Show: Seven into Twenty-Eight) to review order of operations. Helped to show why we need a uniform order of doing things in math and real-world applications, such as collaboration and adding to work like medical research, to get the right answers every time. This was an entertaining way to engage them.”

Shelby, Middle School, Math Instructor

Students laughed at this (The Peter Serafinowicz Show: You Passed The Test!). Some could relate and felt that when they were in a real interview, that happened sort of. So I used this as an alternative virtual lesson during the virus instruction.”

Susan, High School, Math Instructor, Colorado

Students are aware of the writing process but are unaware or hesitant to apply it. This video (Finding Forrester: The Key to Writing) tends to reduce the tension.

Timothy, High School, Language Arts Instructor, Arizona

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