A New and Improved ClassHook, Coming Soon πŸŽ‰

In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing a newly designed browsing and viewing experience on ClassHook! We’ve been fortunate to support teachers in over 25,000 schools with making learning more relevant and engaging for students using popular TV shows and movies. Through that process, we’ve learned a lot about how they use videos and how we can better support their needs.

We set out to design a new experience that helped educators accomplish the following objectives, based on their feedback and our internal data:

  • Teachers should find value within 30 seconds of joining ClassHook
  • It should be easy to find new video clips to use in lessons
  • It should be easy to get inspiration on how to use video clips in lessons
  • It should be intuitive to add interactive elements, such as discussion questions, to videos

This post will outline the key changes to the experience so that you can get up to speed quickly when the new experience is launched.

A Redesigned Dashboard

We’ve redesigned the dashboard to help you find the perfect clip without searching. It now lists the most popular clips on ClassHook and clips related to the topics you teach. We’ve added search filters to the page so you can easily specify your ideal criteria.

A Redesigned Search

We’ve optimized the search page for discovery of new clips. It now displays more clips than before and features the search filters on the left side, just like the dashboard. We found that the previous search page, with the search filters on the top, used a lot of space, making it take longer to preview clips.

A Streamlined Viewing Experience

We learned that, previously, many educators weren’t discovering our discussion features, such as Pause Prompts and the Question Bank, because they weren’t clearly visible. However, whenever we showed these features on a demo, teachers loved them. So, we’ve packed all of our discussion features and standards alignment into a simple view so that everything is accessible within a single click.

Creating a Pause Prompt or a discussion question is now just a single click away.

The Question Bank is built into the experience of creating a discussion question, so you can use inspiration from template or create your own question from scratch.

Even more, we’ve added generative AI so you can instantly generate a set of personalized discussion questions for any clip on ClassHook. If you don’t like the questions it generated, just click the button again to generate a new set.

We’d Love Your Feedback

We hope this overview of our upcoming new experience was helpful. If you have any questions or feedback to share with us, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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