ClassHook Clip Critique #1 – The Gang Explains Democracy

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Appropriate for: Middle school and above

In this clip, Mac, Dennis, and Charlie are tired of Frank making all the decisions in the bar because of his dishonest nature. The three want a voting process, a democracy, in which everybody gets a say in what happens in the bar. Frank disregards them at first but decides to try out the democratic process. The flaw in the process is eventually revealed as Frank diverts their attention to other issues.

Below are some ideas for using this clip in your lessons.

US Government

Have a class discussion about the branches of government in the clip. (Ex: Mac and Charlie represent the legislative branch, Dennis represents the judicial branch, and Frank represents the executive branch.)


See if your students can identify the ways in which Frank is being deceptive; he uses misdirection to divert the issue of money to lesser issues.


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