Feature Update: October 2017

Censor Profanity in Subtitles Screenshot

Today, we’re excited to announce improvements to subtitles! Most clips on ClassHook currently have accompanying subtitles that allow for greater flexibility when using the clip. We understand that subtitles benefit all students, especially those with challenges in hearing, and as such we are heavily invested in them. We took a look at our subtitles support and thought that we could take it a step further.

Introducing the Profanity Censor! Starting today, you can optionally censor profanity in the subtitles for any clip. No more worrying about profane words appearing on screen in front of your class! As depicted in the screenshot, to enable this feature, all you need to do is toggle a setting in the new Subtitles dropdown, available when viewing a clip, and your subtitles will be swear-free!

The Profanity Censor is available on all clips that have supporting subtitles and will replace any swears that it finds with “[censored].” Please note that the Profanity Censor will not bleep out profanity in the audio of the clip, only in the subtitles.

In addition, we’ve expanded subtitle support to more clips on ClassHook. This means you can have greater assurance that any clip you find on ClassHook will be suitable for your learners. We’re continuing to invest efforts into improving the subtitles across our entire library of clips.

Charlie Brown celebration GIF

We’re excited about these improvements to subtitles and hope you find them valuable. We want to support your teaching as best we can, and we’ve taken another step forward with this month’s enhancements.

We’d love to hear what you think about the Profanity Censor. Send us your thoughts and what else we should consider. We want to design the best experience for you, and we’ll need your help to do it.

Try out the Profanity Censor by clicking here.

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