Top 7 Clips for Business Ethics

When it comes to ethics, sometimes it’s easier to show than tell. We all have different conceptions of what it means to be ethical when it comes to business. If you are a teacher looking for a way to show students business ethics in action, check out ClassHook’s top 7 videos.

1. A View to a Kill: Anybody Else Want to Drop Out?

It doesn’t get more unethical than a forced monopoly. This scene from the 1985 film A View to Kill exemplifies the problems with backroom deals, the dangers of monopoly, and corruption. Perfect for starting a discussion on ethical business practices!

2. Margin Call: Be First, Be Smarter, or Cheat

This clip dips into the cynical side of business and raises the classic ethical dilemma: is it better to be wealthy or trusted? 

3. Nathan For You: Attracting Clients

The perfect clip that will make you laugh and ponder ethical marketing strategies at the same time. 

4. Ed, Edd n Eddy: Looking Good Is What It’s All About

Great for discussions on product quality and reliability. What responsibilities do producers have to provide a quality product for a reasonable price to consumers?

5. Arbitrage: You Work For Me

You know a business practice is shady when you can’t share it with your partner. This clip from the movie Arbitage is not only quick, but perfect for demonstrating culpability in business practices. Who is responsible and who has an obligation to know?

6. The Newsroom: ACNgage Interview

This video deals with the journalism side of business but is still an important lesson in the ethics of a product. Apps give power to the consumer, but this videos questions whether or not app designers have a responsibility to manage that consumer power.

7. Jerry Maguire: Mission Statement

We’re ending our list with a classic scene from the famous film Jerry Maguire. Whether you believe in the same ideals as Jerry or not, this clip is perfect for launching a discussion on the importance of clients and the role of consumers in business ethics.

If you have any more suggestions for video clips that demonstrate or discuss business ethics, feel free to submit them online to ClassHook.

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