Top 5 Clips for Social-Emotional Learning

Emotions can be hard to express in words. In fact, we spend our whole lives struggling to reconcile the gap. For a parent or instructor, this can make teaching about social-emotional issues doubly difficult. Engaging videos that provide examples of these different principles can be invaluable tools in showing, rather than telling.

1. Self Awareness: Despicable Me 2

Students can observe how Gru handles his anxiety around calling a girl to ask out on a date. He utilizes several different strategies to manage his anxiety: some effective, some less so. This could open up a conversation about identifying emotions and finding good coping strategies.

2. Self Management: Angry Birds

This scene from an anger management session for Angry Birds showcases different examples of self-management (again, to varying levels of success). Whether you’re discussing where these birds went wrong, or commending their efforts, this scene is sure to entertain and instruct in self management techniques.

3. Social Awareness: Shaun the Sheep

Shaun and his friends try to figure out how to behave in a formal restaurant by mimicking those around them. This is a great example of using context clues to piece together social norms.

4. Relationship Skills: Babe

Babe learns that he can accomplish more through cooperation than bossiness, an important foundation for relationship building.

5. Responsible Decision-Making: Aladdin

Aladdin learns that sometimes making a responsible decision means giving up what you want. This could open up a fruitful discussion about weighing personal desires against the greater good.

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