ClassHook’s Top 5 Clips for Teaching Entrepreneurship

With the explosion of the startups in Silicon Valley and beyond, the dream of starting one’s own business seems more attainable than ever. As a startup, ClassHook understands the importance of effective and engaging education around entrepreneurship. These 5 clips are sure to inspire and instruct entrepreneurs young and old.

1. Back to School: Economics 101

Trust Rodney Dangerfield to point out uncomfortable truths in this lesson on startup economics. Comedy aside, this scene points out the importance of reconciling gaps between theory and real world practicality when it comes to starting a business.

2. Parks and Recreation: Ridiculous Business Ideas

Parks and Recreation’s Tom Haverford is nothing if not innovative. This compilation of his hilarious business ideas gives an example of creative (if not particularly viable) brainstorming.

3. Silicon Valley: Pied Piper Needs to Pivot

While it’s good to be flexible when managing a startup, this clip from Silicon Valley shows the risks of making hasty decisions around pivoting a company’s direction.  It’s also a cautionary tale of an entrepreneur burning the candle from both ends!

4. Arthur: Arthur’s Pet Business

This clip from Arthur is a great way to inspire younger entrepreneurs. This could generate an exciting conversation about innovative businesses kids could start from their own backyards!

5.The Inventor: The Two Worlds

Elizabeth Holmes’s “Theranos” has become a ubiquitous story of conspiracy and fraud in Silicon Valley. This clip highlights the importance of practicing ethical entrepreneurship and making sure your product can truly deliver on its claims.

Are you a teacher, student, or entrepreneur yourself with a relevant clip to share? Submit it to ClassHook!

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