Helping Educators Curb Profanity in Clips

In classrooms, many educators want to create fun and inclusive classroom environments by incorporating short videos into their lessons. On ClassHook there are thousands of entertaining clips curated to support critical thinking for students to build the connections between academics and real life. 

As an uncontrollable variable to movies and shows that are rated PG-13 and targeted towards older teenagers in High School, the usage of profanity sometimes may be written into a character’s dialogue. With our No Profanity feature, you can automatically skip over inappropriate words, be alerted when a clip has profanity, and completely omit all clips that have profanity from your search. We understand that there are some great, educational clips with profanity, so we want to offer teachers a way to safely show these types of clips.

Please note: We do not actively search for clips with profanity. We want to provide you with more flexibility to safely share a variety of content with your students and enhance your browser experience.

Let’s say you wanted to show a clip from Parks and Recreation, which would be a great example for your business lesson. However, one of the characters says an inappropriate word in the scene. Our No Profanity feature gives you the control to filter out profanity in these movies or TV shows while still allowing you to show your desired clip to your students.

Here are ways you can utilize our No Profanity Feature:

  • No surprises here! Instantly be notified if there is profanity in a clip anytime during your search. Videos that include profanity will be labeled with a Profanity Badge under the clip for your convenience.
  • Save time searching and filtering out clips by applying the No Profanity button on our Search Filters. This will omit all clips with profanity while you browse.
  • Know exactly when profanity in a clip will appear with timestamps. Under the clip description, we will include the timestamp at which profanity appears. With premium access, the clip will automatically skip over the profanity seamlessly. So you don’t have to break the attention of your class to stop a clip. 

As educators with the expectation to maintain a professional demeanor for their students, we understand that it is necessary to avoid exposing profanity to young impressionable minds. Since profanity in clips can cause students to become distracted and derail from the main point, our No Profanity features can help you keep your class engaged and educated. Give our Automatic Profanity Skipping feature a try!

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