Easing Shy Students into the Classroom with ClassHook

When it comes to participation styles, each student has their own personality. There are those that easily share their thoughts on any subject, some that may be more soft-spoken yet still can be persuaded into a discussion, and of course, those that are absolutely adamant about their refusal to verbally participate in class.

Unfortunately, motivating shy students to engage in the classroom can be challenging. Yet, ClassHook may be your answer to fostering a comfortable environment that encourages and supports their thoughts. We have included some ideas on how to employ ClassHook to allow quieter students to find their voices.

Popular Media

Recognize that neon yellow square sponge in the clip above? The TV series SpongeBob Squarepants, starring its eponymous protagonist, is a favorite among students for its humorous takes on the lives of those living in Bikini Bottom, the fictional underwater city.

Using a clip from a TV show or movie that your students recognize allows them to be more comfortable speaking about whatever your lesson entails. As students focus their attention on the theories and concepts under discussion, those that tend to be more reserved with their commentary may feel compelled to talk about these loved characters and their interpretation of the video.

Ask your students about their favorite TV shows and movies to incorporate them into your lesson plan or use the Decade filter to pick clips that your students are more likely to recognize.

Decade filter
The Decade filter allows you to refine your search results to only show clips from TV shows or movies that were made in that particular period.

Live Discussions

Often, shy students are not as involved in the class as others for worry of judgment, laughter, or simply being “wrong”. Their reluctance to partake in class discussions possibly paints them as unintelligent or uninterested, yet it may be that they are not sure of the answer.

The Live Discussions feature allows students time to consider the question(s) asked and how they would like to answer them. Read more about how to customize your own Live Discussions here.

Some suggestions on how to utilize Live Discussions with shy students in mind would be:

  • Increase the amount of time allowed for students to answer the question. Not only do they need to absorb the clip watched, but they also need to read and comprehend the question, and formulate a coherent response.
You can set a certain amount of time, when adding the Pause Prompt. Yet, if you see students struggling to answer the question within the time restraints, use the blue Add 1 minute button to allow for additional time.
  • Allow students to use the Anonymous feature when answering questions. This is helpful to build comfort levels in classrooms that have just started to implement online discussion tools, such as ClassHook, into class content.
When joining the discussion and answering questions, students will be presented with the option to Hide my name on responses by default.
Publicly, other students will see answers by those that do not wish to share their name as shared by Anonymous. However, if you wish to judge a student’s understanding of the materials, you can view all responses with names in the Pause Prompt Report.

Frequent online discussion activities can alleviate the fear of the classroom environment, as they ultimately gain self-confidence to provide constructive input to the conversation. By easing shy students into the classroom with ClassHook, students that are typically more apprehensive to be a participant in class discussions can build relationships and trust with their surroundings.

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