Navigating Remote, In-Person, and Hybrid Learning

With summer coming to a close, educators are beginning preparations for the 2020-2021 school year. Unfortunately, this year, COVID19 has disrupted the usual routine and forced educators and students alike to adapt. The possibility of various learning experiences—remote, in-person, or hybrid—is making it difficult for educators to prepare. Thankfully, ClassHook and other online learning tools can help educators navigate both online and in-person learning and the transition to and from.

ClassHook is a resource that is fundamentally flexible. Accessible from anywhere and by anyone, it is an online tool that can be used in the classroom by the teacher, at home by the student, or by both. Our team at ClassHook has curated content from thousands of TV shows and movies, finding educational moments that are useful in any capacity, for any age, and in any setting.

Remote learning

Remote learning, where students are expected to learn from home, has proven challenging. First, it’s difficult to create lessons which translate well via Zoom. Second, with distractions at home and the pressure of being on camera, there is often less engagement than there would be in an actual classroom. ClassHook can remedy these issues by empowering students with an engaging platform to connect their learning to their lives.

In this clip, a town meeting decides Pawnee’s new slogan. Leslie notices a grammatical error but trusts everyone else will notice.

A teacher can assign their students a clip, like this one, to both break up the monotony of the day and reinforce a lesson. A video not only gives your students time to digest the material they’ve learned but it also provides a relevant and memorable example to connect it to, while bringing some excitement into the classroom!

Hybrid Learning

A hybrid learning experience, where students split time taking classes virtually and in person, requires learning tools that can transition easily from one model to another. Luckily, ClassHook is built with features that make the transition seamless.

In person, an educator can play a clip and ask questions to generate a discussion. Our pause prompt feature allows a similar experience to occur virtually and asynchronously. Educators can share the link to the video and have students be prompted with questions as the video plays. The feature and the questions mimics a classroom setting while giving the students the freedom to complete it on their own time.

These pause prompts refer to the clip highlighted above.

In-Person Learning

In-person learning might feel more familiar but a tool like ClassHook can improve the learning experience tenfold. Navigating returning to school after a spring and summer spent inside, in the midst of a pandemic and other social and political issues, could prove difficult for some, if not most, children. ClassHook can help to get kids in the mood to learn!

Video clips remind students of concepts they learned the prior year prior and are a fun way to ease them into learning. ClassHook can also be used as a TV Guide for parents. The ClassHook library shows parents the TV shows worth watching to find which have the best educational moments for their children. Their children can then watch TV on their own time to reinforce concepts! Who wouldn’t want to do that!

The ClassHook library organizes clips from TV shows and film series into an easy and readily available guide!

Get Started Today

With so many expectations and challenges for educators this year, it’s important to have resources that give you the flexibility to serve the diverse and changing needs of your learners. ClassHook can support your lessons whether you’re following an in-person, remote, or hybrid learning model.

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