Supporting Students’ Listening Skills with ClassHook

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Developing good listening skills will be a vital asset for student learning and engagement. In the classroom, students are learning via audio in a variety of ways. This can be from having conversations with peers, watching clips, following directions, and actively participating in class activities. The Common Core State Standards also addresses important strategies for listening that students take into their academic careers whether it is through effectively responding to the opinions of others or taking notes during lecture time.

 As you plan for your virtual and online lesson plans, it’s important to create activities that capture the interests of your students and engage them in learning because on a virtual platform, they could be listening passively. That’s why ClassHook provides clips on all kinds of subjects to choose from that you can use to enhance your lesson plans and support listening skills. Watching clips is an engaging way for you to help your students to develop listening skills as they will be bursting with laughter at funny scenes while thinking about how it can apply to what they are learning in class. 

Leverage your student’s interests in popular media by showing them clips from their favorite shows and have them discuss key concepts from the clip. Think about the times when your teachers rolled in the TV cart to show a video of Bill Nye the Science Guy for a science lesson or pulled up a clip from The Big Bang Theory in Psychology class, and how excited you felt. With ClassHook, you can ignite this feeling into your students and increase active listening, so you know your students will be engaged.

Here’s how you can directly address the Common Core standards for listening using our clips.

 1. Evaluate a speaker’s point of view, reasoning, and use of evidence and rhetoric.

In this clip, Lisa is preparing for her essay competition. Students can evaluate the points of view from each character shown in the clip and discuss the reasonings that they make about their beliefs of American freedom.

2. Recount or describe key ideas or details from a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media.

In this clip, the sheep go to a restaurant and try to participate in the social norms of fine dining. Students can practice their listening skills by recalling ideas and events from the clip in a think-pair-share or class discussion.

3. Present information, findings, and supporting evidence so listeners can follow the line of reasoning. (The organization, development, and style are appropriate to the task, purpose, and audience.)

In this clip, Becca listens to Amy’s pep talk to gain her confidence. Students can discuss how Amy presents her story to address her audience, which in this case, it’s Becca.

An Ode to English Learners (ELs)

Listening skills can go beyond following directions, contributing to discussions, and remembering information. You can support ELs as they go on their language learning journey through providing them with interactive clips from ClassHook. Have you heard of K-pop sensation RM from BTS? He learned English through watching the show, Friends by listening and practicing the language. With our clips, students can listen to the intonations and learn the daily expressions from native English speakers which helps them improve their pronunciation. On ClassHook, we have tons of clips curated especially for ESL learning and ELA lessons. Students will also find our Vocabulary Finder helpful when they are learning new words and want to hear how the word can be applied in real life conversations through TV shows and movies.

To sum up, you can support your student’s listening skills by watching clips and talking about them. ClassHook makes it easy to facilitate lesson plans that aim to develop listening skills with our clips from the TV shows and movies that your students love. Using our clips, students can dive deep into discussions about character dialogue and reasonings. They become actively engaged in listening and deciphering the information and key concepts to remember based on discussions that they have about the clips. Through audio and clips, students are able to improve their listening skills and enhance their classroom experience.

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