ClassHook in the Flipped Classroom

Blended learning has become popular in classrooms across the country, as technology has shown to have a variety of benefits to education. We explore some ideas on how to implement ClassHook in blended learning instruction.

The Flipped Classroom allows students to be introduced to new concepts online at home. When they return to face-to-face instruction, they practice the concepts with their classmates and teacher.

Let’s say that you want to assign this video with figurative language examples from Aladdin to your students to watch at home.

By finding the Share this clip button underneath the clip, you can find different options for sharing.

When clicking the button, a small pop-up window should list ways that you can share this video with your students. They include embedding the video clip in a PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation, assigning the clip through Google Classroom (You can learn more about rostering your students on ClassHook through Google Classroom here), or emailing the clip.

Now What?

Questions could be assigned to your students that would pop up as they watched the video at home. Our Pause Prompts tool allows certain times in the video to have a pop-up question that allows your students to think about the clip in depth.

Another consideration could be preparing an activity for the students to partake in that is related to the clip in the classroom. Discussions that allow them to apply the knowledge from the clip and build upon that would be recommended.

Summing It Up

The Flipped Classroom model allows time for students to be exposed to new materials and acclimate themselves to them at their own pace. Although new content may be intimidating, using popular media in the Flipped Classroom builds a sense of familiarity.

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