Parents As Partners in the Learning Experience

As students are gearing up for the school year ahead of them, we understand how it is for parents who want to be more involved in their children’s success. At ClassHook, we see parents as partners in the learning experience. That’s why we’re committed to bridging the foundation between the parents and their teachers. Using ClassHook parents can foster strong parent-teacher partnerships as students engage in distance learning and hybrid learning. 

Parents Engage Students in Learning

During distance learning, parents can use ClassHook to reach their children and engage with their learning. While students are going to school virtually, parental involvement is essential in student success because parents can help children further connect with topics in school. Parents are the first teachers in a student’s life as parents teach children skills through daily life activities. As children are using more of their technology skills, parents can create educational connections with their children by using ClassHook to show them clips that will spark their interests in academic topics. A wonderful way to continue the learning experience from the comfort of home.

Virtual Learning Experience

On ClassHook, we have a variety of features that support your children’s education through fun clips from their favorite TV shows and movies.

Vocabulary Finder 

The Vocabulary Finder highlights specific vocabulary words that come up during a clip. Parents can use this feature to help their children pronounce words, learn definitions, and see the contexts that vocabulary words can be used in. This feature is helpful for parents to quickly find clips that define vocabulary words that children may come across. It is also helpful to parents of English Language Learners to find clips for their children with authentic pronunciation to enhance their learning experience.

Search by Standards 

During asynchronous learning, it is tough to keep children motivated to learn and meet the state standards. With our search by standards feature, parents can quickly access fun and educational clips that adhere to the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. You can make this an interactive experience by using our discussion questions to engage your children with academic concepts and critical thinking.

Make Playlists

Using our playlist feature, parents can create playlists and share scenes with their children that can supplement their social emotional learning or give extra support to understanding concepts in their school lessons. Parents can also collaborate with other parents or their child’s teachers to create specialized playlists to address the needs of their children.

Profanity Flag and Skip

With our built-in profanity detection and skip features, children can browse through videos safely and parents can easily spot whether there is profanity in a clip with the Profanity Flag. If the child happens to watch a video that includes profanity, the system will automatically skip the section of the clip that contains profanity. Under the clip description, there will also be timestamps where profanity shows up, so parents can stop the clip before profanity is mentioned. There is also the option to remove all clips containing profanity in the search results using our search filters.

Clips to Share With Your Children

Jessica vs. The Debate Teacher

This clip is a great example of how parents and teachers can work together to create teachable moments in the classroom. In this scene, Jessica (the parent) demonstrates her point in why her son should be allowed to join the debate team. The teacher highlights to his students the structures and techniques she used to form her argument.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

This clip is a great clip to motivate children to never give up on their dreams. It shows how parent relationships strengthen children’s mindset to grow and to keep trying even when life gets tough. In this scene Chris (the parent) plays basketball with his son and gives him advice to never let anyone hold him back from chasing his dreams.

It’s Hard to Be Parents Too

This clip is a fun way to teach children relationship skills and empathy through the idea of parents switching roles with their children. In this scene, the cubs learn to understand the responsibilities that their parents have through their experience being the parents for a day.


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