Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo (Fifth of May), a date also called The Day of the Battle of Puebla, is celebrated in Mexico and the United States in honor of a military victory in 1862 over the French forces of Napoleon III. ClassHook would like to share the importance of this national holiday!

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History of Cinco De Mayo

On this day there was a fight between the Mexican armed force and the French. The Battle of Puebla occurred on May 5, 1862, Mexicans were generally dwarfed by the French. Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin was a driving force in figuring out how to hold off and rout the french. The occasion turned out to be more famous during the 1960s and afterward became widely known in the United States with commercialization during the 1990s.

Songs for Cinco de Mayo

The Mexican Hat Dance
Hap Palmer
Los Lobos & Gipsy Kings – La Bamba

How Cinco de Mayo is Celebrated

The day is celebrated with marches, amusement parks, road fairs, and fireworks around evening time. Individuals spruce up in conventional Mexican attire. A few processions or celebrations may incorporate a reenactment of the Battle of Pueblo. Significant festivals in the United States include:

  • Chicago, IL – An enormous celebration is held every year in Douglas Park including live music, food, social shows, and games for young people.
  • San Antonio, TX – The renowned Market Square is home to a gigantic festival including open air shows and food.
  • Denver, CO – The Cinco de Mayo Culture Festival in Denver works in a wide range of Mexican music and goes on for two days.
  • San Marco, TX – They have a salsa challenge and crown their own Miss Cinco de Mayo.
  • Los Angeles – The biggest Cinco de Mayo festivity on the planet is held in midtown Los Angeles, California.

The day is used to teach individuals about the legacy of Mexican Americans. This incorporates programs put on by schools and libraries. Symbols and individuals are considered including Cesar Chavez and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Numerous festivals incorporate Mexican food and music. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the bravery of the Mexican troops at the Battle of Puebla, who won against all odds, and celebrates Mexican culture and heritage.

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