Use Question Templates on ClassHook to Create Discussion Starters

At ClassHook, we’re continually looking for ways to support educators in engaging their students. We know that educators rely on the discussion questions accompanying our clips and are excited to announce a new, powerful way to create high-quality discussions in your classroom.

Introducing Question Templates

Question Templates are a new way to seamlessly create thought-provoking questions, question templates, and sentence frames to spur discussion in your classroom. Here’s how they work:

  1. Create a template or use one of the 200+ starter templates.
  2. Access your templates on any clip, whether it’s a Personal Clip or a clip in the ClassHook library.
  3. Fill in the blanks on the template to add your question to the clip.

Question Templates saves you time when adding prompts to clips without sacrificing discussion quality. Perfect for when you’re in a rush, when you just need a few questions to get the class talking, or when you want to challenge your students’ understanding of important concepts.

The starter templates are categorized by grade level, subject, and topic, making it easy to find the perfect question that will suit your purpose for the classroom.

Start Using Question Templates Immediately

All ClassHook users can get started with Question Templates by visiting any clip and clicking on the Discuss tab. ClassHook Premium users can access all 200+ starter templates and create unlimited custom templates, while ClassHook Basic users are limited to 30 starter templates and 5 custom templates.

We’re excited to hear about the wonderful discussions you spur in your classrooms using Question Templates! If you need anything, our team is just a message away.

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