Bring Vocabulary to Life with the Vocabulary Finder

At ClassHook, we’re always looking for ways to support educators in finding and effectively using videos in their lessons. Today, we’re excited to announce a different way of teaching vocabulary: using video.

The Vocabulary Finder is a new feature on ClassHook that makes it easy to find specific words and phrases used within scenes from movies and television. Once you perform a search, you’ll be presented with all of the clips that contain the word. Each result will display all of the timestamps at which the word is used.

Improving Learning

Students learn vocabulary and other concepts best when they’re able to apply them in some way. Vocabulary Finder helps students experience how vocabulary is used in an authentic context and perceive its pronunciation.

For a quick exercise, you can combine the Vocabulary Finder with Pause Prompts. Create Pause Prompts at the moments where the vocabulary appears, and ask students to guess at the word’s meaning. Based on what they saw in the clip, what do they think the word means? What clues did they use to come to this definition? You can make this exercise a Live Discussion or assign it for homework.

Available today

The Vocabulary Finder is available starting today for all ClassHook Premium members.

We’re excited to see how you use the Vocabulary Finder to improve your students’ understanding of vocabulary. You can start using Vocabulary Finder today by visiting us at ClassHook.

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